Capturing Flower Fairies

We decided we were going to head to the river bank in the hope of catching a glimpse of some flower fairies..
We took with us some jars with the slim chance that we may even capture our own!
Here’s how we got on.
Armed with a small bottle if fairy dust I set about discreetly dusting some flowers along the riverbank whilst the kids played..

One dusted I left them to be stumbled upon.

And then Mila found one!!! Evidence of riverbank flower fairies!!

So we decided to take it home in our jar.


To keep flower fairy healthy we knew it was important to fill our jar with water from the river the flowed past where we had discovered our fairies..

Our jar was beautiful.

We watched the sunshine glistening through the sparkling water as our fairies delicately danced within the jar.

Whenever imagined we would find riverbank flower fairies but headed home full if a magical belief that fairies really of exist if you look hard enough and truly believe!


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