Cake Decoration Competition


We bought value sponge cakes for 58p each, some sweeties, a block of butter and some icing sugar…we already had food colouring in the cupboard. We made cake stands using a food tin topped with a circle of cardboard covered with a doily, we mixed butter with icing sugar to make the cake covering and icing sugar with water and colouring to make the coloured icing. The kids then decorated their cakes and the winner was announced. A very cheap and yummy activity.

Here’s how we got on..



Icing sugar mixed with a few drops of water and a drop of food colouring.


You can buy ready made buttercream or make your own with butter & icing sugar, we used a plate placed on top of tins of food for our cake stands..





And the winner is ‘A’.. well done to Eden who won a bedtime pass, thank you to all that joined in the fun of voting.


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