Bush Tucker Trial / Jungle Themed Day

After watching ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ we decided to have our own bush tucker trials. We had tuna-filled witchety grubs, mealworms, jungle ants, wallaby willies, fish eyes and kangaroo balls. All washed down with cockroach shakes and piranha shakes. We huddled around a yummy chocolate jungle campfire and embarked on some disgusting bug challenges. At the end, we crowned our king of the jungle.

We started the day with a jungle trial breakfast of cockroach smoothie (porridge with chocolate sprinkles) and fish eyeballs (melon balls with a raisin iris and jam juice).

Then I set about creating our jungle table with all manner of delights.

I made the serving cloth by wrapping a bowl in tin foil and glueing a scrunched-up ball of tin foil to the top. The vines were cut-out leaves stuck to brown packaging tape.

Our jungle menu consisted of:

Wallaby willies (a tin of hot dogs)

Next, Witchety grubs (chocolate filled with tuna).

I made these by laying some cling film over some shaped play dough and pouring in melted chocolate. I made two halves for each grub and once hardened I filled it with tuna and used a little melted chocolate to stick together the two halves to make the drum.

Mealworms (melted chocolate rolled into worms)

Kangaroo balls (a tin of meatballs)

Cockroach smoothie (porridge and chocolate sprinkles)

Piranha smoothie (a mix of tuna and milk).

It was disgusting!

Jungle sticks (liquorice sticks from the health food shop)

‘How long bug game’

The kids put the bugs into their mouths and the winner was the one who kept the bug in for the longest.

We made feely boxes to hide our jungle stars. We used tissue paper, spaghetti and twig foliage.

This is our spaghetti-filled feely box.

And this was our tissue paper-filled feely box.

And finally, this was the twig and leaf-filled feely box.

Then their star trials began.

They did well!

Preparing to eat our jungle ants (melted chocolate drops with chocolate strands for legs).

Tuna-filled witchety grubs. Ewww! Don’t they look happy?

Even the smallest member of the family dug into some jungle treats.

And we crowned him our jungle king.

We finished off with a jungle campfire (chocolate logs with brandy snap flames).

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