Blossom Dress Outtakes


For Ms A’s 6 month memory we decided to have some fun with the blossom that’s falling off of the trees at the moment, need I say that it’s as beautiful as I deem her to be ????

She may have tried to chomp on the majority of it due to teething, inquisitiveness and her love of anything that has the potential to be food ????

But we did get a photo.

It would of been easier if she was asleep but it was lovely doing it with the help of the 10 year old ????????????

It’s only in retrospect that I realised what a lovely memory it was. Myself and the 10yo went on a spur of the moment mad mission to go find blossom and it turned out to be 30 minutes of quality time with her.

And we giggled all the way through ms A desperately trying to get it all in her mouth.

Our intention was to have her lie down so we could cover her in a sumptuous blossom dress….but that was NEVER going to happen 🙂

Here’s some of our outtakes..


We laid her on an old quilt, covered her legs with a shawl and tried to pile the blossom up on her…she was just too wriggly.


So we sat her up, piled the blossom around her and tried to distract her from the lure of the blossom with a rattle..we failed.

Every time we managed to get here hands blossom free I would step back to take the photo and she’d grab another handful as fast as lightning.


And she desperately wanted to chomp on it.


BUT, we persevered and finally managed to catch her empty handed…


And the photo was made even more beautiful due to the giggles we had whilst doing it ????????????

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