Being Two…


This is a perfect example of being two. She had a blue first place card but wanted the 3rd place because it was green.

I give her red

She asks for blue

A prerogative

Because she’s two


I get her dressed

She wants to try

She gets frustrated

She takes her time


She screams and shouts

Her grumps are loud

She throws herself

Upon the ground


I hold her hand

She pulls away

She wants to run

She wants to play


She needs to sleep

But stays awake

She thinks that things

Are hers to take


She stomps her feet

She doesn’t care

Whilst being gnarly

Whilst people stare


She has a will

A stubbornness

An attitude

And she knows best


At three foot tall

And stood by my knee

She’ll watch the world

Quite happily


But she likes a cuddle

Whilst she likes to hold

The prerogative

Of a two year old


Mrs FD ❤

Being Two


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