Bear Hibernation (Learning Activity)

Every bear likes somewhere comfy to sleep so he doesn’t awake like a bear with a sore head….

We decided to learn about hibernation by taking our own bear to the woods and settling him down in his own lair for his winter time slumber…

First we needed to build a lair so we found a box which our bear would fit into. We collected lots of leaves to help camouflage our lair…


We carefully cut a flap in the side of our box and then set about glueing all our autumn leaves to our bears home…


We tried to make our lair as comfortable as possible so filled it with a piece of furry material and lots of leaves…


Once our hibernation lair was ready it was time to prepare our bear… We found a scarf to keep him warm throughout the winter…


We read our bear a bedtime story and tucked him up within his lair with some hazelnuts in case he got peckish…



We wrote our bear a letter wishing him sweet dreams & telling him we would be back in the spring to awaken him…

And then we set off into the woods to find a secret bush to place him under..


And there our bear shall stay until the spring….



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