Autumnal Conker Wreath / Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreath

We went for a walk to collect some of the conkers starting to fall to make a conker wreath.

We’ve got lots more Halloween Ideas plus some special Halloween for Toddlers activities, and a stack of Conkers, Hazelnuts & Acorns Ideas.

What You Will Need:

  • Conkers
  • Polystyrene
  • Brown paint
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Thread to hang

We cut out a ring of polystyrene into a doughnut shape.


We then painted our polystyrene ring with brown acrylic paint.


Once dried I used the dressmaker pins to push into the polystyrene and attach the conkers. The kids chose where to put the conkers and I attached them.

This would be lovely on its own as an autumn-themed door wreath.


We then painted eyeballs onto our conkers to give it a Halloween feel. I used some white emulsion that I had kicking about in the shed and coloured acrylics for the iris and pupils.

We tied a piece of thread to hang it with.


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