Are We There Yet? Almost. Relocating To Holly House.

Are We There Yet? Almost. Relocating To Holly House.

Friday is here and it’s been a crazy one. As one door closed, literally another one opened.

The primary school spaces have been confirmed today; that was a process in itself. We partook in a lot of adulting with forms and emails and more forms. There are a lot of forms to fill in when you are trying to find a school for 5 of your 6 children at home. 🤯👌

Today 3 were accepted; the 2 teenagers are still to hear. They do need to be in school but we are not being penalised whilst the school processes the forms and they have to have time off. The bright side is that we work them like horses in the meantime 😉 As a family doing such a huge move I reckon a bit of time off won’t hurt as we find our feet.

The 10 and 6 year old had a lovely last day and were showed oodles of love by their friends and teachers. It was a rollercoaster of rides with emotion but the day turned out perfect.

It really was the end of an era for them as they have grown with the school. And it was an end of an era for us as a family. Twenty years of school runs on the same path and today we walked the last one.

But the children had a beautiful day and left feeling loved.

I have grown to enjoy hating the school run. 😉😂 It wasn’t all that bad. 🤫

Now to quietly slot in somewhere else again.

The children are happy and excited for what awaits and we will ensure they embrace the future as well as holding onto everything that is good from the past.

Tomorrow we fully relocate.  ‘No coming back’ relocate from east to furthest west. I don’t think I’m ready but we gotta go. 😂 It will all be good.

The realisation that Boo starts nursery school too has come as a bit of a shock. 😬 She currently goes to playgroup 2 hours a week. School will be five days a week. She starts in 8 days. 8 days to potty train. 😂💪 Really. I’ve got this. 😂
Swimming in pee; looks like we have just got ourselves a puppy.

We’ve two days to fill the hire vans and unpack –  Saturday and Sunday – and drive two hours to offload into the rental. I’ve given up on boxes and am now on bags.

We’re meeting with the architect and building control on Monday. Roofers. Conservation people, Ecologists… People I’ve no doubt forgotten.

I need a to-do list because writing on odd bits of paper and taking notes on the phone is not great organisation and I keep losing bits of paper.

I’m not great at keeping things in one place.

I need a whiteboard. Although I’m sure it wouldn’t help because I’d still forget to do things.

Anyway. It has been a crazy Friday and I still don’t really know what’s going on. We’re taking it as it comes. One step at a time.

Sunday I can watch the sun rise from the tower and be reminded that we’re doing it. And hopefully why.

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