An Unprepared Mum

Unprepared Mum

The unprepared mum… from nursery to big school ?

You look so small in your school uniform.
My growing up baby just 4 years ago born.
And I’m not sure you’re ready for what is in store
as you step out of nursery and through a new door.

Because you still seem so little with your days filled with play,
with no structure or expectations as the time ticks away.
Your learning’s been hands on, your discoveries your own.
You’ve mingled when you’ve fancied or just sat alone.

And I’m not sure you’re ready, to be thrown into school.
To stay longer than lunch time, to sit on big stools.
To learn all your numbers and get to grips with your name.
In a school full of big kids where everything’s changed.

‘Cause you still seem so little, you still hide by my knee.
You may still need my help when you’re bursting to pee.
You still like a nap time with your favourite mug.
You may still need your blankie, you may need a hug.

And what if you’re lonely when lining up seems so grand?
When you’re lost in the playground and just need a hand.
Will you search out some comfort or will you just stand all alone?
Will you know what to do, will you want to come home?

Cos I’m not sure you’re ready to stay in school for so long.
I’m not sure I’m ready or emotionally strong.
I’m not sure you can sit still in the classroom when you’ll just want to play.
It just seems to me to be an extremely long day.

And you can’t do your coat up, or ties up your shoes.
They’ll be nobody to shout for when you’re using the loos.
And what if your nose runs, will you be brave enough to say
‘I need a tissue and some help to wipe it away’.

I’m worried about structure when you want to explore.
When you look out the window then head for the door,
will it just make you stifled when you’re held back from outside,
when you’re sat on the carpet for stories inside?

Will you just want to run free, to skip and to jump?
Will you sit on the carpet and just have the hump?
And I’m not sure you’re ready to have structure all day,
when you’ve always just ran free with just the importance of play.

When you’ve had no set times, when the days been your own,
now I’m not sure you’re ready or suitably grown.
Because you’re only just 4, still a baby to me.
You were a toddler just last week and you still stand by my knee.

But I know you’ll make friends and run round the yard,
on imaginary adventures and battles fought hard.
You’ll be 4 together with playmates equally small,
and you’ll discover together and you’ll have a ball.

And I’ll watch from the sidelines and I’ll try not to cry,
as you’re finding your feet and learning to fly.
As you’re spreading your wings and changing your days
to learn in the classroom whilst still adventuring through play.

And I’ll miss you like crazy and I’ll hope you’ll miss me
as you run into big school and let go of my knee.
And I’ll hope you’ll embrace it and run with the change
and welcome new challenge and all that is strange.

‘Cause you look so small in your school uniform.
My growing up baby just 4 years ago born.
But I’m sure that you’ll love it, I’m sure you’ll have fun.
It’s just me that’s not ready… your unprepared mum.

Mrs FD

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