An Introduction To Holly House

Holly HouseIt’s with a huge amount of anticipation and excitement that we’d finally like to introduce you to Holly House…

You may remember around a year ago we wrote a post, A Peacock in the Garden, where we had decided to down tools on the rat race and strive to find a whole new lifestyle.

We did indeed do this and embarked on an adventure in which we were willing to just go with the wind and follow an unexpected path.

This path led us to stumble upon Holly House. Absolutely not what we were aiming for but a dream that landed firmly and slap bang in the middle of our path into the unknown. And it instantaneously became a dream that we decided to grasp onto as tightly as we could.

Nestled within the playground of my own youth, this beautiful 12th-century church lured us in with an invitation to be loved and restored to its former glory. Our intention rapidly grew into a desire to throw our hearts into it, breath some warmth it, tenderly love and care for it again and make it our family’s forever home.

Holly House

It’s taken us 9 months of long distance jumping through hoops, over hurdles, chasing our tails, pushing, teeth gritting, hoping, longing and pure tolerance not to give up and determination to bring this dream full forcibly into reality.

And now we are finally allowing ourselves to realise that this dream is ours for the taking.

Holly House

We never envisaged that our quest to start a new life would take so long. But all good things come to those who wait. And boy, have we waited. Excruciatingly and unsure on a day-to-day basis and now we are ready to reap the reward.

Holly House

And it’s wholeheartedly a family thing. The children have all been aware of the process from the very beginning. It’s their dream too. We’re completely on this adventure together and they are excited as to what the future holds.

Holly House

And now the secret is out, we all very much look forward to sharing with you the ups and downs of our adventure. We look forward to sharing with you how we hope to restore and preserve the beauty that’s already there but has just become a little dusty and uncared for over the years. We look forward to refilling these walls with the love it deserves.

We look forward to sharing with you Holly House.

You can also follow us here on Instagram where we will be sharing an everyday account of our journey.

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