An Outdoor Elf Adventure

A few days ago our Christmas elf arrived from the North Pole bringing with him the promise of a sprinkling of magic and make believe throughout the house, but who’d of thought that our elf would have such a huge desire to explore the outdoors during his stay!But why not? Imagine travelling half way around the world to be cooped up indoors all day never seeing any of the sights that are waiting to be discovered, and it seems that coming from the North Pole our elf had never experienced the wonder of the ocean, he’d never experienced sand beneath his toes or the pure joy of building a sandcastle…so we wanted to show our elf that there’s more to life than toys, we thought we’d remind our elf of the importance of presence over presents

So we headed to the seaside…Elves can be quite mischievous at times as we very quickly found out and it’s a good job he won’t be relying on Santa to bring him any presents on Christmas eve!The elf couldn’t quite understand the lack of snow but he was mesmerised by the stream of water flowing out to the ocean..He wasn’t put off by the terrain and wherever Jude went he followed, fab efforts for such little legs!He took lots of moments where he just sat and absorbed the view, marvelling at this world which was a far cry from his snowy winter wonderland back at the North Pole, and although the company was lovely you could tell that he had thoughts of home..So he made sand snow angels with Jude and he felt much better……and he made a pebble snowman too. He seemed really pleased to be spending some time adventuring with us and it reminded us of the time that Honey Bear came to visit.It was clear that this little elf was intent on spreading Christmas cheer wherever he went..He even grasped at braveness and skipped over stepping stones to cross the stream when it was time to head back home to return to his festive shelf before the big children arrived home from school, with the cobwebs blown away and some outdoor tales to take back with him when he returned to report to Santa!So you see, an Elf on a shelf makes for a wonderful companion when exploring the world.

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