A Peacock In The Garden

A Peacock In The Garden

So we thought we’d let you in on a little secret…

This year will be the last Christmas in this house. The house that has welcomed lots of babies, holds untold amounts of memories and has been the family nest as Mr FD and I have stepped into parenting and raised our children. Our busy, small, chaotic, noisy, home that has been crammed with dysfunction and love for over 20 years.

It’s time to move on.

The decision has been made and the wheels are in motion to venture to pastures new and we’re heading west to find our own piece of paradise surrounded by more ocean, more mountains, a little less noise in the air and a beautiful view.
It’s a dream that we have often had and discussed and we have realised that some dreams should be chased wholeheartedly and that’s what we’re gonna do.

As parents, Mr FD and I have both worked hard since the day our first baby was born 25 years ago (I only gave up work 18 months ago) and now we’ve decided we’re going to seize the moment and jump ship on the rat race in favour of truly finding our own bubble. It’s a huge step.

We’ve been discussing it with the children for the past few months as a pipe dream, something we were going to do a few years down the line, something to grasp onto in the future but why wait! We can reach for that dream now and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

We’re selling up, shedding ‘stuff’, leaving the grid and grasping onto the idyllic. We’re gonna live the dream and take heed to the moment because tomorrow is absolutely never promised. ☺️

Mr FD has promised me my own bathroom to theme the hell out of every day if I like. 😂

We may even have a hub for our new line of memory books. 📚☺️

Our eventual plan will be to find an additional piece of land to build a log cabin to accommodate holidays for others living along the ethos of FD. Magical and affordable FD holiday homes for like-minded families, rich in love but living everyday life by the pennies in their pockets. But we need to build our own immediate dream first before embarking on that. 💚

We’ll be submerging ourselves into our last Christmas here whilst endeavouring to organise as much as we can to help the process run smoothly before grabbing and stepping upon our new path firmly in the new year & heading towards our dream of a log cabin in the sticks with a bedroom for each of our babies, a treehouse and a peacock in the garden, surrounded by a priceless wealth of beauty and coastlines & mountains to explore.

So who fancies going on an adventure with? Cos boy, this is gonna be one hell of a crazy one and I’ve no doubt I’m gonna need some help to maintain my sanity whilst doing it.

FD, buckle up baby, we can do this.

(Any advice that you may have on such a life-changing decision is welcomed.)

**For those wondering about the news of a car, we’ve managed to buy a beat-up old Ford Galaxy. 😂 It does the job and serves the purpose of filling the footwells with wet wellies, who knows how long it will last…it’s a car. 


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