A Parenting Timeline


A Parenting Timeline

Get up at seven
Awoken by a toddler needing you
Shouting from the bathroom
‘I’ve finished having a poo’
Throw on yesterday jeans
Make your way down the stairs
Avoiding strewn Lego, cars,
Upturned sylvanian family chairs
Head straight for the kettle
To make a cup of tea
To help you clear your fuzzy head
And give you eyes that see.
Ignore the onset wars of cereal
Just take a sip or two
Then place it on the worktop
And see to the baby needing you
Then contemplate the housework
Sip some more, survey the mess
And place your tea next to the sofa
And tend to a toddler getting dressed
Speed clean in the bathroom
Hang some washing on the line
Contemplate a fresh brew
But decide the old one’s really fine
Clean up in the kitchen
Working around your mug sat on the top
Take another swig of it
And then replace it for the mop..
Then finally you get to sit down
For a tea break that is cold
And a brew that’s filled with your timeline
And a parents routine to be told
So you abandon the dregs that you’re left with
And scoff all the biscuits without a dunk
And you wonder if a parents tea
Is ever actually drank.
And you’ll do the same tomorrow
you’ll start your day off with a brew
But the only purpose that it will serve
Is a timeline of all you do…

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