A Better Trait To Shine


In a world full of mindless terrorism I found myself writing this after hearing of the dreadful Paris attacks in November 2015. At the time we waiting to welcome our unborn child into the world.


I’m not sure I want her to come out,

and face the horrors of the world,

i’d like to keep her warm and cosy

and guard my unborn baby girl…

I’m not sure I want her to emerge

and see the world that’s doused in pain,

to witness pointless acts in humanity,

again and again and again…

I’m not sure I want her to come out,

from her cosy, secure place,

to be surrounded by a sadness

of a twisted human race…

I’m not sure I want her to come out,

does she have to be born,

to see destruction as a natural,

to face a world that’s torn,

But to be defeated by a world that’s ugly,

would be a loss that shouldn’t be,

because the world is still a united place,

we just need to teach our kids to see..

That there’s still a wealth of togetherness,

there is a world that catches tears,

there’s a humanity that holds united,

A race that shines through fears.

I could install in her what’s needed,

enough compassion to go around,

some empathy, solidarity…

and peace that’s easily found..

I can teach her to see humans,

as feelings all the same,

to enable her to embrace difference,

to shed a concentration that’s on blame…

So maybe she should come out,

for all of the above,

So I can teach her of a humanity,

that’s purely run on love…

and then she can take it with her & share it with mankind,

and teach everyone she touches, that love and peace and empathy,

Is the better trait to shine…

Mrs FD

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