70 Fabulous Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

So, what do you put in your kid’s Christmas stockings? We asked our Family Days Facebook community for their ideas and they came up with a fabulous list of inexpensive and fun ideas. We wanted to include something they’ll need, something they’ll read and something they’ll eat. Here’s what our parenting community came up with.


Christmas socks are always a good idea.

Chocolate Coins

Chocolate is always appreciated! We sometimes use chocolate coins in the run-up to Christmas too for reminders that Santa is always watching. (Rewards for helping at home, doing well at school, being brave in the school assembly, etc.)


A proper traditional suggestion but one we always include.


Toothpaste / Toothbrush

Character battery-operated toothbrushes are always a hit with our kids.

Rubiks Cube

This was a great suggestion! We tried it in one child’s stocking and they all wanted one for the following year.


Who doesn’t love stickers? You can choose their favourite character or some festive fun stickers.


A simple and fun activity that can keep the kids busy for ages.

Silly string

Be prepared for the silliness that will follow when they see this!

Fake dog poo

For the prankster in the family, get them this surprisingly realistic-looking fake poop! (Don’t worry, you can get your own back with these April Fool prank ideas!)

Pocket Kite

We really liked this suggestion and it means the kids want to get outside too!

Water Pistols

These can be super-elaborate these days. Pump action super-soakers are not for the stocking but these old-school water pistols will mean some wet play time in the garden.


It is Christmas, so there had to be sweets involved! Make sure the kids share so you can have a bubble-blowing competition.

Skipping Rope

You’ll be surprised how much this idea is enjoyed. We’ve seen our girls go out onto the street to meet the neighbour’s children so they could all skip together!


A watch can make you feel grown-up (even when you can’t tell the time yet!) And a watch with a calculator comes with lots of buttons so has always been a hit.


New slippers at Christmas is not a cliche. It means snuggly warm toes and that’s a good thing. Never shy away from novelty slippers, we say!


Getting your own hairbrush is another sign of growing up so the kids usually like this one a lot.

Juggling Balls

OK, I’ll admit, I’ve never got the hang of juggling but the kids love giving it a go and it’s another good reason to play outside (to save the light fittings!)


Books, books and more books. You can’t go wrong with this idea. Picture books. Sticker books. Storybooks or full-blown novels. They all bring another reason to enjoy reading. We love this pocket edition (so it fits in the stocking!) version of a Christmas favourite.

Bag of popcorn




Toy Cars

Whoopee Cushion

You know the kids will hide this under your cushion on the sofa. But you also know you’ll laugh with them when it makes that noise!

By Grombo, CC BY-SA 2.5, WikiCommons

A Nutcracker

You’ll be surprised how much the kids enjoy cracking nuts. The squeezing ones are often a bit tricky for small hands but this one is much easier to work. And it means I get a bowl of nuts presented to me by the children each evening!

Colouring Books


This is a great idea to ensure those thank you letters get written.

LEGO Mini Figures

We like these as you’re never sure which character you’ll get.

Foam Soap

This is a great excuse for a bubbly bath at the end of the day. Foam soap is good fun as you can mould it to make funny hairstyles.


A diary that comes with a lock and key is perfect for those secret thoughts.


This can be an aminal calendar. Or cars. Or monsters. Or whatever makes them happy. Magnetic calendars are good to help show the plan for the day.

Top Trumps

We’ve got lots of packets of these card games. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to play a new version each year.

Lip Gloss

For kids who want to wear makeup but you’d rather they didn’t, a fruity-smelling/tasting lip balm can be a good choice.

Nail Varnish

The kids love painting each other’s nails so a kit like this is well-used in our house. Just make sure you get some nail varnish removed too!

Rocket Balloons

These are long reusable straws that you inflate with a straw.

Playing Cards

Have a game of ‘Cheat’ with the kids and then show them how to play ‘Patience’ so they can enjoy a game on their own too.


We use glow sticks for fun all year round. You could try a Glow in the Dark Shower. We’ve got lots of Fun in the Dark Ideas for Kids.

Alien eggs

Kinder Eggs

Kinder egg


A torch

Magic Flannel

We all love watching these grow!


It may seem obvious, but you’ll need to ensure enough batteries in the house to keep the toys working over the holidays. (Or you could use this as an excuse to get rechargeable batteries and a charger.)

Joke book

Christmas cracker jokes are always entertaining and a joke book keeps the fun going for longer.

Hot chocolate sachets


Small boxes of cereal




Hot water bottle

Bouncy Balls

Mini Cans of Pop

Pot of Candy Floss/Cotton Candy

Bubble Bath


National Lottery scratchcard

Hair Bobbles

We are always losing these so Christmas is a good time to get a new pack.


Temporary Tattoos

Candy Canes


Mr Men books work well but there are lots of pocket-sized storybooks available.

Box of Cake Mix

Modelling Clay

It’s a brave parent who gives the kids playdough or modelling clay in their bedroom stockings. But if you don’t have carpets, this is a fun idea!


Pencil Case

A Yo-yo

Party Poppers

Box of Chocolates

Chocolate Santa



Body Spray

Squirty Cream for Hot Chocolate

We’d like to thank our Family Days Tried & Tested parenting community on Facebook.

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