34 Sayings You’ll Recognise If You’re Welsh


1. I’ll do it now in a minute. (I’m doing it)

2.Who’s coat is that jacket?

3.Tamping (Mad)

4.Bogging (filthy)

5.Chopsing (talking a lot)

6.Chopsy (cheeky)

7.There’s tidy (that’s good)

8.Bampi (grandad)

9.Go and cwtch down (go and lie down)

10.Daps (trainers/pumps)

11.Popty ping (microwave oven)

12.I’m not being funny (I mean what i’m saying)

13.Lush (really good, lovely)

14.Where you to? (Where are you)

15.Half and half (half rice and half chips)

16.Daffy (Daffodil)207875_1970294104005_2942690_n

17.I loves you i do (I love you)

18.Pop (fizzy drink)

19.Sorted (Done)

20.Butty (mate)

21.Gomping (yucky)

22.Mun (man)

23.Mammi (mother)

24.Cwtch (cuddle & or safe place)12400873_1142451612434351_5900758833497786495_n

25.Babbi (Baby)

26.Yur (here, ear or year)

27.Dwt / Dwtty (little)

28.Bap (bread roll)

29.Fair do’s like (fair enough)

30.I’ll get my hair off (I’m gonna go mad)

31.It’s heaving in there (it’s really busy)

32.Boyo (male friend)

33. Cheesy chips

34.Ta’ra (bye)



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