30 + Fab Easter & Spring Ideas

Here’s a bucket load of fun ideas to keep the kids amused simply over the Easter period.

Carrot Hunt

  1. Go on an alternative Easter egg hunt with a carrot hunt and a yummy rustic picnic.

Easter & Spring Ideas - Carrot Hunt

Easter & Spring Ideas - Carrot Hunt

Milk Carton Butterflies

2. Make some milk carton butterflies to brighten up the garden.

Easter & Spring Ideas - Milk Carton Butterflies

Easter & Spring Ideas - Milk Carton Butterflies

Cut Grass Nests

3. Make some cut grass nests.Easter & Spring Ideas - cut grass nests

Blossom Art

4. Have fun with some blossom art.Easter & Spring Ideas - Blossom Art

Springtime Easter Bath

5. Have a Springtime Easter bath.Easter & Spring Ideas - Springtime Easter Bath

Rainbow Colour Hunt

6. Go on an outdoor Rainbow colour hunt.Easter & Spring Ideas - Rainbow Colour Hunt

Colour Chart Blossom Tree

7. Make a spring blossom tree with paint colour cards.Easter & Spring Ideas - Colour chart blossom tree

Fun With Eggs

8. Have some fun with eggs.Easter & Spring Ideas - fun with eggs

Blossom Buddies

9. Make a blossom buddy bunny.Easter & Spring Ideas - blossom buddies

Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons

10. Make some delicious hot chocolate dipping spoons with left over Easter eggs.Easter & Spring Ideas - hot chocolate dipping spoons

Mini Art Kit

11. Make use of your Kinder egg capsules with some mini activities.Easter & Spring Ideas - Kinder Egg Mini Art Kit

Nature Wands

12. Cast magical spells in the woods with your own nature wands. Simply use two bendy lengths of sticks to bend into a heart shape before tying with string or ribbon and adding foliage.Easter & Spring Ideas - nature wands

Spring Cleaning Box

13. Make a pretend Spring cleaning box for little ones with supplies from a pound store, (fill a thoroughly cleaned out bottle with water for window cleaning).Easter & Spring Ideas - Spring Cleaning Box for kids

Creme Egg Owl

14. Make a cream egg owl using chocolate buttons and an edible glue paste by mixing together a few drops of water with icing sugar.Easter & Spring Ideas - Creme Egg Owl

Tree Stump Face

15. Try your hand at some tree stump face making.Easter & Spring Ideas - tree stump face

Milk Carton Bird House

16. Make a milk carton bird feeder.Easter & Spring Ideas - milk carton bird house feeder

Make a Bird Nest

17. Try your hand at making your own birds nests.Easter & Spring Ideas - making bird's nests

Giant Nest Building

18. Make some that will fit YOU!Easter & Spring Ideas - giant nest building

Make a Huge Kinder Egg!

19. Make your own SUPERSIZE Kinder egg.Easter & Spring Ideas - huge Kinder egg

Easter & Spring Ideas - Huge Kinder egg

Egg and Spoon Race

20. Have a school run egg and spoon race.Easter & Spring Ideas - egg and spoon race


21. Search for tadpoles.Easter & Spring Ideas - tadpoles

Chocolate Frogs

22. Find yummy chocolate frogs too!Easter & Spring Ideas - chocolate frogs

Easter Pebble Hunt

23. Decorate pebbles to hide at the beach.Easter & Spring Ideas - Easter pebble hunt

Spring Hunt

24. Go on a toddler Spring hunt.Easter & Spring Ideas - Toddler Spring Hunt

Sensory Tray

25. Make a toddler sensory tray, fill with items from the pound store and rice crispies.Easter & Spring Ideas = Spring Sensory Tray

Easter Lamp

26. Make an Easter lamp with an IKEA lamp. We’ve got oodles more fab Ikea crafts & hacks.Easter & Spring Ideas = Easter lamp

Plastic Egg Challenge

27. Play a game to see how many items you can fit into a plastic egg.Easter & Spring Ideas - plastic egg challenge

Pets Pebble

28 make your own simple Easter Pebble Pets

Cheese cake Chocolate Eggs!!

29.. see How to make these amazing cheesecakes..

Eat Chocolate!

30 Sheep Cakes

31 Easter Cake Alternative.

see how we made our yummy Dinosaur Egg Filled Nest



And last, but not least, EAT CHOCOLATE! Lots and lots of face smearing, belly-filling, lip tingling chocolate!Easter & Spring Ideas - eat chocolate


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