10 Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


10 Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge
Bluestone has become a firm favourite short break destination for us as a family. Over the years we’ve spent many times counting down and looking forward to our stays.

The resort itself has plenty to do: woodland walks, parks, cycle hire, lots of activities both indoors and out. It’s a self-catered haven with everything you need within your lodge to maintain everyday family life, plus all you need to treat yourselves close by.

The village has cafes, restaurants, a pub, traditional chippy and a village shop with everything you need. You can easily stay on site for the whole of your stay and have the most wonderful time. 

But it’s also nestled within the most beautiful of places in the heart of Pembrokeshire. Surrounded by idyllic coastlines and mountains aplenty. It really is a resort that has the best of both worlds.

For us as a family it’s about family time together; switching off from the outside world and changing the pace of the everyday from busy and routined to calm and chilled and relaxed. We just go with the flow. It lives up to its boast of ‘free range’ holidaying. Most importantly though, Bluestone is our time to come together and enjoy some family fun times.

So here are 10 family fun things that you can do whilst at Bluestone to make your holiday that little bit more memorable with children, without even stepping foot outside of your lodge…


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  Get the kids to help make a special breakfast to celebrate your stay! This would be fab as a birthday treat.

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


With oodles of space in the lodges and hardwood floors, they are great for playing with cars on. We made some great roads during a stay and the kids thought it was wonderful. 

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


We love a themed bath and if you have a lodge with a bath then it’s a great opportunity to have some fun! Our Balloontastic Glowtastic one was a great hit.

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge

And if you don’t have a bath don’t worry. You can have a glow in the dark shower instead! See how we set it up in 10 minutes HERE.

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


Den building is one of the kid’s favourite pastimes and you can’t beat a bit of den building at Bluestone. We built a blanket fort ship reading nook and sailed the oceans of the west. Then a beautifully cosy reading den. And a fab under-table devices den.

But all you really need is the kitchen table and the ample amount of blankets in your lodge to create a wonderful snugly haven.

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


My toddler and preschooler love nothing more than to whizz around on their scuttle bugs. So with the aid of some decorator’s masking tape, and ample space in the lodge, we made some great roads to race on.

**always used masking tape because it removes easily and does not damage surfaces**

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


The kids love to be involved in the kitchen when we are away. It’s a real hub of the lodge and the perfect space to bring the family together. Making  fruit salad owls is a must. And you can even get everything you need from the village shop.

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


Whether it’s breakfast, a snack, a party tea or a picnic, a carpet picnic is loads of fun. Pack a picnic blanket in your case and throw it on the floor in front of the telly!

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


There’s oodles of room in the lodges to get creative with LEGO! Just make sure you avoid stray bricks if you’re playing hide and seek in the dark!

Family Fun Things to do at Bluestone - play with LEGO


How about having a pizza night! We had so much fun making some special personalised pizzas.

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge


Great indoors or out! Enjoy milkshakes and ice-cream sundaes with your own creation station.

You could even buy a blackboard from a pound store to make a fun menu. This will also double up for your pizza night menu and could even be used as your Bluestone itinerary of fun planner!

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge

It’s easy to plan in advance for the family fun activities that you want to do in your lodge. You could even get the kids really excited by making surprises a Bluestone weekend box packed with everything you’ll need to create your fun!

Family Fun Things To Do In A Bluestone Lodge

But mostly, however you chose to spend your time,  it’s a place to completely indulge yourself in family times and memory making that will last forever. You may finish your holiday and return home but you’ll take away with you some great family memories that will last a lifetime.

**Bluestone has become a favourite location for our holiday fun over the years. As well as staying in a reviewer’s capacity, we also stay as paying guests. It really is the highlight of our family time together. Not only is there ample things to do within the resort it is nestled within the most beautiful location and just a stone’s throw away from some stunning coastlines and mountains. Please take a peek at their website for more information.

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